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Good quality Extended faucet
Jul 19, 2018

The foreign name of the extended faucet is HASCO, alias mold faucet, copper faucet, and the function is the accessory for molding mold cooling water transportation.

1. Environmental protection: When the quick connector is folded and connected, the fluid will not be missed and the environment will be clean.

2, fuel, water, gas: When the pipeline is folded, the single valve on the quick connector can close the pipeline, the fluid will not flow out, and the loss of fluid will be avoided.

3. Save time and effort: When disassembling and connecting water, oil and gas path through quick joints, the action is simple, saving time and manpower.

4. Economy: All the above advantages have created economic value for customers.

5, equipment and zero, easy to transport: large equipment or hydraulic tools that need to be portable, use quick joints to separate and transport, reach the destination and then assemble.