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selection of ball valve
Jun 06, 2018

The IEEE GlobalSpec SpecSearch database allows industrial buyers to select ball valves by classification, performance specifications and additional features.


Method of Control

The closure element of a ball valve consists of a ball shaped disc. The valve is opened by a quarter turn of the actuator. The turn lines the hole in the ball parallel to the flow so the media is able to pass through the valve. When the valve is closed the ball is rotated so the hole is perpendicular to the flow, blocking the media. Segmented characterizable balls do not use the entire sphere to block flow; they only use enough to block the port.


Valve Function

Ball valves are best used for fast-acting stop/start applications. They are considered quick-acting because they only require a 90° turn of the handle to operate the valve. The quarter turn minimizes valve operation time and decreases the possibility of leakage due to wear.


Ball valves can be used for throttling service if a high level of accuracy is not required. Throttling causes the partially exposed seat to erode because of the high velocity flow and pressure. The wear will eventually lead to valve leakage. Leakage can be corrected if the manual ball valve is automated and is able to move faster in response to a changing position signal.