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The use of angle valve
Apr 23, 2018

Angle valve, also known as triangular valve, angle valve, angle valve, used for water and electricity installation in the decoration industry, is an important plumbing accessories.


1, civil use

Heating pipe angle valve

The angle valve mainly plays four roles:

1 transfer internal and external water outlets;

2 water pressure is too large, can be adjusted above the triangle valve, off a little;

3 The function of the switch, if the faucet leaks and other phenomena occur, the triangle valve can be turned off without having to close the main valve at home;

4 beautiful and generous. Therefore, the general new house decoration is an essential plumbing fittings, so the designer will also be mentioned when decorating the new house.

2, for industrial use

The valve body of the angle valve has three inlet ports, a water control port and a water outlet port, so it is called a triangle valve.

Of course, the angle valve is constantly improving, although it is still three mouths, but there are angular valves that are not angular.

The industry said that the angle valve: angle valve in addition to the valve body is a right angle, the other structure and straight single seat control valve similar.

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