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Ball Valve Classification
Apr 23, 2018

Functional classification

1, by-pass valve: ball valve is generally open for static water, so set the bypass valve flat pressure, that is, both sides filled with water;

2. Air valve: When filling water, take out the air and take the buoy to close the valve on its own; when it is drained, use air to supplement it and float it to drop by itself;

3, pressure relief valve: open and close the valve, remove the pressure between the valve and the seal cover, so as not to wear the seal cover;

4. Drain valve: Discharge the sewage in the lower part of the ball shell.

Transmission classification

1, pneumatic ball valve

2, electric ball valve

3, hydraulic ball valve

4, pneumatic ball valve

5、Electrohydraulic ball valve

6, turbine transmission ball valve